Untitled (By the River)

This is an untitled piece I never liked that much, but several people have told me what they like about it - the subtle way the golds and greens are reflected across the river, the fine lines in the rocks reminiscent of Pitre, the talk of spring and mist and fog and newness.

Why it has escaped the purging bonfires, and why I keep it, is if you haven't noticed, many of my paintings are completed on New Years Day, year after year. This, I think, is the earliest of those, painted on New Years Day 1993. I'm not sure why I'm always painting on New Years Day but happy that I am.

Original Size:
12" X 9"
Available Sizes:
  • Original at 12" X 9"
  • 12" X 9" prints
  • 5" X 7" cards
Completion Date:



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