Morning at the Mirror

As you grow older, things and money and earthly pleasures begin to lose meaning. You begin to understand that who you are is not what you own or who you control, it is what you do, who you touch, what gentle push you have offered that has somehow changed lives for the better.

You begin to understand that life is a collection of moments, a collection of words that say we care - okay. Sorry. Had a Collective Soul moment right there.

Some moments, like the moment when you see the morning light on your soulmate as she dresses by the mirror are so huge that you simply must find a way to express that feeling on paper. The painting never quite captures the feeling, but it serves as a reminder of what is important, what makes a difference.

Recipient of Juror's Commendation in the September 2016 San Diego Watercolor Society member show out of 244 entries.

Original sold on 05-26-2017 to a private collector in Fullerton, CA. who had the following to share about Morning at the Mirror:

"I love getting to know new artists. I am a collector,and have an extensive collection of Milford Zornes, Robert E. Wood, Tino Pontrelli, Bea Riley, Jack Bates, and many others. I have some etchings, lithographs, and silkscreens by Millard Sheets along with some silkscreens by Phil Dike and Rex Brandt. 3 OR 4 original watercolors by each of them as well.

I go to a lot of shows looking for something from artists I am not familiar with and getting to know some of them. I am almost totally now collecting watercolors, but have many oils, as that is what I started with when I started to collect. I have always liked nudes in either medium, and when I saw yours and its suggestiveness I just loved it. I usually don't see much I like at this show, but always look forward to Watercolor West toward the end of the year."

Many thanks to the Brea Gallery for displaying Morning at the Mirrorin the 32nd annual Made in California Exhibition.

Morning at the Mirror
Original Size:
24" X 18"
Available Sizes:
  • Original sold 05-26-17
  • 24" X 18" prints
  • 16" X 12" prints
  • 8.5" X 11" prints
  • 5" X 7" cards
Completion Date:
January 14, 2015



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