Electric Cat

Every now and then you paint something that just makes you happy and it doesn't matter how the world sees it. I love felines, large and small, and their independent attitudes. I always get a giggle in my gut looking at this painting.

Electric Cat is mostly an airbrush painting, but there is a mix of brushwork and pencil in there, and even a little scratch work - with a very sharp exacto knife, some of the fine white lines are scratched out of the solid colors.

Electric Cat
Original Size:
22 1/2" X 13 1/2"
Available Sizes:
  • Original at 22 1/2" X 13 1/2"
  • 24" X 18" prints
  • 18" X 11" prints
  • 11" X 8.5" prints
  • 5" X 7" cards
Completion Date:



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