Art that inspires conversation.


If you’ve been collecting for a while, or even considering the first addition to your collection, you may be growing tired of paging through the same watercolor compositions of rainy streets at night, blooming flowers, dreamy landscapes, and ocean vistas. After a while they all begin to look very similar.

You find yourself rotating the art decor in your home more often, not because the paintings are boring or uninteresting, but because it’s time for a change and you can only say "it’s beautiful" so many times.

What you may be looking for is something that inspires conversation, compositions that show you something new every time you look at them, paintings that say something about what it is to be human, something that awakens emotions and feelings you may have lost touch with.

If this is the case, I may have a thing or two you might want to see.

An instructor once told me, "the form and style and subject matter really isn’t important. Paint from the heart and make your art say something, something that really matters to you, something authentic, and people will hear." To this day his words ring in my ears every time I begin with a new blank sheet onto which I pour myself.

Cats have a lot to teach us about living in the moment.
Warming at the Window
What we teach our children is everything, teach them well.
Sunday Waffles
It is up to us to take responsiblity for our actions and learn not to make our problems someone else's problem.
Someone Else's Problem
A tribute to Cecil, and what this horrible event means to us as a race.
Requiem for a King
The most common moments in our lives can be the most profound, if we choose to see them.
Morning at the Mirror
A tribute to the Lion Whisperer, who changed everything we thought we knew about big cats.
Kevin and Meg
Often innocent children know, and can show us, all we need to know about saving our world.
There Goes My Hero
It is those we love that are the guardians in our lives, those that watch over us when we are most vulnerable,
Magic is everywhere, even in the most ordinary places. We only need to choose to see it.
Searching for Fairies
It's up to all of us to save our oceans. After all, all she gave us was life.
Pondering Atlantis
One of the greatest sisters of the tides, Pascale Honore, who was rendered paraplegic but still rode the waves with the help of a friend.
Anything is Possible

Behind each of my paintings is a story, one that resonates with people on several levels. Sometimes it is obvious, as in the tightly rendered illustrations of There Goes My Hero or the deep emotional connection in Requiem for a King, in others it is more subtle, as in the social statements in Someone Else’s Problem and Pondering Atlantis. Others are tributes to the heroes in our lives who inspire us to visit the greatness in all of us: Pascale Honore in Anything is Possible and the Lion Whisperer of Kevin and Meg, or even the sleepy warmth of Warming at the Window, which is not just a painting of cats, it is an illustration of what cats have to teach us about living in the moment. Throughout my work you will find themes reflecting the absolute power the average person has to make an astounding difference in the world. No one is coming to save us, it is up to us, and only us, to change our path of destruction.

A recent buyer had this to say about Morning at the Mirror

"I go to a lot of shows looking for something from artists I am not familiar with and getting to know some of them. I am almost totally now collecting watercolors, but have many oils, as that is what I started with when I started to collect. I have always liked nudes in either medium, and when I saw yours and its suggestiveness I just loved it. I usually don’t see much I like at this show, but always look forward to Watercolor West toward the end of the year."

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