1969 Volkswagen Squareback

I guess you could say I was into 'dubs for a while. Nineteen years to be exact. I even rebuilt an engine like the one shown here one winter in the living room of the mobile home I lived in at the time, to the absolute dismay and disgust of my significant other.

But that's the thing about Volkswagens. Hitler did have one thing right, they were a car that anyone could own and maintain themselves, front to back, for the most part without expensive machine shops or mechanics at your disposal.

Which, I guess, is the other thing about Volkswagens and why I stopped driving them. I was always working on the things, fixing oil leaks, adjusting the valves, replacing cracked or leaky heads, and any number of weekly maladies that plagues old school VW's. I guess it was just time to move on.

1969 Volkswagen Squareback
Original Size:
29 1/2" X 17"
Available Sizes:
  • Original Not for Sale
  • 30" X 18" prints
  • 18" X 11" prints
  • 11" X 8.5" prints
  • 5" X 7" cards
Completion Date:
Sometime in 1988



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