May 27, 2016

As someone who has spent over 20 years as a web developer, I’ve picked up a thing or two about web sites in general. Before we begin, let me say I do not consider my web site the most awesome and coolest web site on the Internet, but it’s a start, it’s functionally sound, and […]

June 7, 2015

"The aim of the High is to remain where they are. The aim of the Middle is to change places with the High. The aim of the Low, when they have an aim – for it is an abiding characteristic of the Low that they are too much crushed by the drudgery to be more […]

July 29, 2014

On July 29, 2013 I began a journey on Facebook to post one thing I was thankful for every day. It wasn’t for my friends or to show how damn cool I was, it was something I did for me, a chronicle of why I owe it to the universe to be thankful. In order […]

May 7, 2014

I call it a fable, because it may not even be true. It’s still a good fable. Picasso is sitting on a park bench sketching and a woman walking by recognized him. So excited to meet the great Picasso, she asked him to draw a sketch of her. He rolled to a new sheet on […]

December 7, 2013

Last weekend I had to put my sixteen year old Light Golden Retriever to sleep, then find a final place to rest her body and bury her. I didn’t tell many people about this because they would offer condolences, hugs, and extend sadness for my loss; it isn’t that I wouldn’t appreciate those things, but […]